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Holistic therapies include Reiki, reflexology, yoga, mindfulness meditation, art therapy and music therapy.Our sex and love addiction rehabilitation programme is available to NHS and privately paying patients.Some of the more common signs and symptoms of a sex addiction include: Thankfully with the right amount of therapy and counselling, sex addiction is highly treatable.When patients enter a sex addiction rehabilitation centre a full psychiatric assessment takes places.This assessment determines whether any underlying anxiety and depression or substance misuse exists.Rehab then begins with a highly structured therapy and counselling regime conducted in group or one-to-one sessions.Patients are taught how to form healthy loving relationships with others whilst establishing clear emotional and sexual boundaries.

Love addicts feel worthless when not in a relationship and often subject themselves to an abusive in their relationship.Love addiction may co-occur with sex addiction explained above.Love addicts may have many partners over a short period of time.There exists a fine line between merely having too much sex and developing an addiction to sex.

The latter is marked by an inability to control the impulse to have sex with strangers Sex addiction is a type of Impulse Control Disorder (ICD), which is itself classed as a 'behavioural disorder'.

Sufferers of sex addiction compulsively meet strangers for sexual encounters, even when faced with serious consequences such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and a breakdown in marriage.

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