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Sometimes when you are away from the one you love on your special day, you can get real gloomy.If you received this in the mail, how could you not help but SMILE and have a wonderful day?! Map Envelope has created an awesome site to be able to enter in your location, write a customized message and then print out an envelope to mail your message.As she moves to the altar, her grown son has her arm He is tall like her Father was, but Dad is long gone. our very griefs are glad Our every cross is crown'd; We are not able to be sad, Such comfort wraps us round. How calm the haven where we rest, Now passion's storms are past! may we lie, In our last night of rest, Asleep together, peacefully, Upon our Father's breast You are my foundation You are my rock A shoulder to lean on To whom I can talk When we are together I am at peace I'm your bearing You are my grease Twenty five years of bliss Is what we had Proud you're my wife Our daughter her dad I hope twenty five more years Is what's in store When those are done I'll need twenty five more For once, I'm at a loss for words I can't write eloquence into our anniversary yesterday Because it was magical in and of itself You planned me a quiet picnic in the woods, just you and me Cooking hot dogs on a charcoal grill we didn't know how to use And eating chicken salad Going kayaking was a dream, paddling along On a quiet tributary to a bigger lake, we went back into the woods We sat in our little floating craft and talked about first kisses and magic We wondered at how simple acts could have led us apart and how happy we are together I noticed the calmness of the water and the intricacies of the ripples when I indulged my paddle into the stream We were out for an hour, just paddling along Talking, living, laughing, loving together. Here I am underneath the moon’s refine, Standing still in charcoal leather black Not resisting anymore. Then, So sudden it came to me in a flash The reason why I did not move Why I did not meet her. The jewel that rejected my tiny hands, That reached beyond the Middle of Earth Just for her. Bowing to the Lord, Bowing to a Great And to Bow to YOU is never a Painful stake. I Love your actions, and YOUR sayings through you guidance I'm Coming to Life with a BLESSING such as YOU, with a BLESSING so TRUE, My Angel of Light ANGEL of TRUE, I am SO IN LOVE WITH YOU. I LOVE YOU MY NUBIAN QUEEN HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE FROM YOUR KING.Her love waits at the Altar, dressed in his best clothesin a bronze colored casket, in eternal repose. We did not wait for tides to rise, Nor cared that winds were rough; They call'd us foolish—we were wise; God gave us wealth enough. He only knows what precious change We took of Him for gold; What blessing such a narrow range Of circumstance can hold. No troubles now could memory spare, No lightest touch of pain; No hard experience of care Would we unlearn again. Such love surrounds, such beauty lies On our most common needs, As silver hoar-frost glorifies The wayside sticks and weeds. All trials that are overpast, All cares that are to be, But make more sacred and more fast The ties 'twixt you and me. They are but clear lights shining through The mist that round us rolls; They are but touchstones, fine and true, For fond and faithful souls. They are but fires, to cleanse and clean Our human love from stain; For naught of sordid, false, or mean From those blest fires remain. They are but keys within the wards Of that last, inmost door, Where the heart's dearest treasure-hoards Are garner'd evermore. How warm and soft the little nest Which shelters us at last! How—blue, pellucid, and divine—Through all our days and nights, The clear eyes of our children shine Like heavenly beacon-lights! We listen to the laughter sweet Whose echoes come and go, The music of the little feet That patter to and fro. And deepest thoughts of God awake, Who hath reveal'd Him thus, And, in His goodness, deign'd to make His own abode with us. To God, in Christ, we kneel to-day(Whose will on earth be done); As He hath made us, let us pray That He will keep us, one. Together, may we feel Him stand About our path and bed; Together may we, hand in hand, His royal highway tread. The dear ones He has given, to be Of His redeem'd the type—Together, may we live to see Their budding promise ripe. Just being together We eventually made our way back in, an hour car ride away from home Talking some more, laughing together, enjoying the company We went back to my place and ate dinner with my family Shrimp Scampi with salad and bread Then roasted marshmallows and laughed when they became torches Nothing is better than marshmallows with the people you love After that we set up my hammock and just swung there and watched the sun slip below the horizon Taking in the scenery, we didn't need to talk, because there was nothing more that could have been said It was magical until my little brother came over to us and asked why we weren't talking and called us boring But he doesn't understand, not quite yet Not until he is sitting on a hammock with a girl, and knows there isn't anything to say It was a beautiful day, wonderful by itself THE flowers we planted in the tender spring, And through the summer watched their blossoming, Died with our love in autumn's thoughtful weather, Died and dropped downward altogether. I’m the Bilbo on this journey, I’m the appointed burglar To steal the precious Arkenstone So what’s happening now really? Stuck in this Shire, While that desolator Smaug is causing fire. The same jewel that replaced me with a greed of a dragon. Christopher Nathaniel Cartwright Copyright © 1983-Present i said “im not going to marry you”and you said “oh. ”and i said “…no”**i was standing in the shower in someone else’s house when i told you i couldnt be with you and you said “please don’t do this”and i said “i’m sorry”, like i had to and i said “goodbye,’ like i had to but i didn’t have to i didn’t do it because i had to i did it becausethere’s an itchyou get in your feetwhen you realize that all you have to do to be happy is, dowhat makes you happyand i decided i wanted that more than night when it rained i remembered what it sounded likewhen it rained on your tin roofand how you slept with your breathing shallow,in case your grandma with dementia walked in andcalled you by your grandfather’s name again.

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She’s Crafty filled some latex balloons with money and sent them across the country to her nephew.Six month anniversary gifts are beautiful, they are full of romance and love and everything that is good about everything.Whether you have been married six months or you are celebrating six months of dating it is lovely to mark the occasion.Too late in the wrong rain They come together whom their love parted: The windows pour into their heart And the doors burn in their brain. The signs are being obvious Birds are flying back to the Mountain, There is no time to be in bore, I need to hurry and reclaim back my Erebor. When I think about our future, I'm pumped Although, our relationship leaves me stumped.

looking downshe writes her poemsclears her throat breathes the smoke takes a sip smiles awayand tries to find the words to saysitting in your open trunklooking over the creek she can still feel the passionshe felt in that first weekthough everything has changed it still seems that she's never felt this way a year has passed and his heart smiles all the same from first kiss and handshake and kayaks on that first date the laughing and love still remains Finally this day has come. In a sea crystal kingdom, a queen recalls stories of Greece, poetry from Ireland, and the gods of her favorite golden Egypt.

What better way to say I LOVE YOU, then with an actual I love you symbol? You can fill the envelope with a letter, pictures, poems, etc.

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