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It is a known psychological fallacy (sunk costs fallacy) that already having spent too much resources (time, money…) on something that turned out to be a mistake somehow justifies persisting in doing that instead of switching to something else.Because it is irrational, it is hard to use rational logic to persuade.Time, weather, showering at work, bad roads, no cycle lanes etc...However there is one argument that I have come across that is compelling.Health, wellbeing, money and the environment are definite pros. For those that commute via bike, MONEY saving is a big plus (compared to a car).Everyone's situation is different (distance, weather, work changing facilities etc..).Hundreds of infections related to the malware have been spotted by security firms, with Chinese users among the most heavily affected.Enterprise mobile security firm Wandera discovered the malware when an employee from a US-based "Big Four" consulting firm used their mobile web browser to click on a link displayed on Chinese search engine Baidu.

"Red Drop is malware capable of spying on its victims (it can collect data about a victim's device, including data from memory card and contacts list) and discreetly make a device buy paid-for subscriptions, which can result in users facing financial risk.Also, maybe asking on a forum dedicated to psychology will give better results.I would simply steer away of the bike vs car perspective, as people will instantly start obsessing over two metrics: cost and speed.Chinese search giant and the Sky Mobi Android app store are both being abused to distribute the nasty.