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Not only that, she is always helping and thinking good for her husband and in-laws, looking after the home, particularly the kitchen whenever she can.She will be a good counsellor and helper to her husband’s various activities, including his business if he has got one.And if she has been working with him in his business, then it is equally divided.Treat a wife on equal terms in a nice and loving way, as she will always remain a great asset to her husband.Full kitchenware items, including new fridge, cooker, television, etc. Very rich people may also give cash, a car, property or land as part of the dowry.Have your houseful of dowry by marrying and Indian lady by visiting Laj Marriage Bureau.Treat your wife as a true partner who shall always be on side.

According to western laws, his wealth has gone up because she has been looking after children and home.The government in India has stepped in to stop the misery of ordinary people from giving dowry, and made a law banning the giving or acceptance of a dowry in Indian wedding. It is now the society’s fault that dowry is still being openly given and accepted.The law has not been able to dictate its authority so far.In certain cases, just a few days before the Indian wedding, the groom’s side may dictate how much dowry they want for the wedding to take place.

To save their reputation and the wedding to go ahead, the girl’s side submits to pressure to their demand for a bigger dowry.

Dowry would be seen as means for the husband to look after his wife and give her a happy married life after the Indian wedding.

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