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But, more often, he appeared with that handsome face and winning smile and told young beauties he was a professional photographer.

“If it wasn’t for Christine’s family continuing to look for her … ” Erramouspe says Thornton’s family recognized a photo of her at six-months pregnant sitting on top of a Kawasaki motorcycle wearing a yellow top: Thornton’s photo was one of hundreds released by the Huntington Beach Police Department in 2010 after Alcala was sentenced to death.So, Alcala sits on death row in California, writing the odd book, and suing the State of California for not providing him with a low fat diet.It's been nearly 50 years since his first known r*pe and attempted murder and there he sits, as his lawyers launch seemingly endless appeals to save his, some say, worthless life.These days, Alcala is old and sick and largely forgotten. He had a Fine Arts Degree from UCLA and he was charming, with a winning smile and don't forget that perfect-for-the-1970's hair. But when he suffered a nervous breakdown and went AWOL from the Army in the 1960's, the psychiatrists started nosing around his head, using words like antisocial personality disorder.