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Favorites” (27 days) “South Pacific” (38 days) “Game Changers” (16 days ) 2. Cirie Fields Total days: 101 Seasons: 4 “Panama: Exile Island” (36 days) “Micronesia: Fans vs. Villains” (38 days) ‘Survivor: Game Changers’ power rankings: Sierra Thomas & Brad Culpepper dominate after second tribe swap 11.Rob Mariano Total days: 117 Seasons: 4 “Marquesas” (21 days) “All-Stars” (39 days) “Heroes vs. Rupert Boneham Total days: 104 Seasons: 4 “Pearl Islands” (27 days) “All-Stars” (37 days) “Heroes vs. Russell Hantz Total days: 88 Seasons: 3 “Samoa” (39 days) “Heroes vs.He also tried to play a more social game, quickly forming an alliance with Parvati and James, and a romantic bond with Amanda.But it wasn't only his athleticism that remained constant from his previous stint.Villains” (18 days) “Redemption Island” (39 days) 3. Amanda Kimmel Total days: 108 Seasons: 3 “China” (39 days) “Micronesia: Fans vs. Villains” (39 days) “Redemption Island” (10 days) 12.Parvati Shallow Total days: 114 Seasons: 3 “Cook Islands” (36 days) “Micronesia: Fans vs. Andrea Boehlke Total days: 86 Seasons: 3 “Redemption Island” (37 days) “Caramoan: Fans vs. T.” Thomas — tie Total days: 79 Seasons: 3 “Tocantins: The Brazilian Highlands” (39 days) “Heroes vs. Jonathan Penner Total days: 78 Seasons: 3 “Cook Islands” (33 days) “Micronesia: Fans vs. Spencer Bledsoe — tie Total days: 76 Seasons: 2 “Cagayan” (37 days) “Cambodia: Second Chance” (39 days) 18. Stephenie La Grossa Total days: 75 Seasons: 3 “Palau” (30 days) “Guatemala: The Mayan Empire” (39 days) “Heroes vs.

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She dated Nathan Gonzales in the year 2006 and James Clement in the year 2007.With only 23 days remaining in the current season, the only remaining player from “Game Changers” who has an opportunity to surpass Ozzy’s total is Cirie Fields, currently sitting at 101 total days.Like Ozzy, Cirie is playing for her fourth time and also has never won.Ozzy remained a confident, often arrogant competitor, and this proved to be his undoing.

He had worked his way into the driver's seat by not only finding the hidden Immunity Idol, but also crafting a fake Idol that fooled Jason. IGN TV: Was it weird competing against people like Erik and Jason who clearly idolized you? Just because, I mean, they sort of had a personal vendetta…maybe not a vendetta, but a strong goal of trying to beat me at whatever, so they were trying so hard at everything to best me.

After her graduation, she started her boxing career in 2004.