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Searching the internet, she discovered Redden was using someone else's picture.A man who probably has no idea his photo is being used by scammers- not just once, but multiple times. It's the newest evolution of the Nigerian money scam.“It is a violation, but it’s not like being broken into.” The photo of Hallenbeck that was used to fool the British woman came from an article in “The Main Effort,” the monthly newsletter of the 205th Regional Security Assistance Command.Hallenbeck confirmed that he is the soldier in the photo.In an ironic twist of events — and as evidence that online scam artists are thriving — Hallenbeck’s name and photo were used to scam a 59-year-old British woman out of thousands of dollars.Hallenbeck, a former Marine who later joined the Army National Guard, said he found out about the scam involving the British woman only when he was contacted by an Army public affairs officer, who was informed by Army Times.If they start asking for money- or for you to send them packages to Nigeria for any reason- stop talking immediately. Paul Hallenbeck was deployed to Afghanistan when he met a woman online. He had been mobilized individually, away from his unit, and tasked to deploy with the 41st Brigade Combat Team from Oregon.His job had him training the Afghan army, and he was often outside the wire on dangerous missions.

“I was on a [forward operating base] most of the time, so any contact with humans helped, so I kind of got milked out of that.” Hallenbeck, who was deployed from June 2006 to June 2007 in Uruzgan province in south-central Afghanistan, declined to disclose how much money he had lost — but said it was far less than the woman who fell for a photo of him.“That just made it more realistic that everything she was saying was true,” he said. I’ve never been scammed my whole life.” The woman said her mother lived alone and was scrounging for money because her father died and she needed money for medical school, Hallenbeck said.The woman would correspond with him regularly, he said. The British woman, who lives in Somerset, England, said she contacted the person she thought to be Hallenbeck through a Web site aimed at connecting people with shared interests and those interested in dating. They even did crossword puzzles together, and the supposed soldier called quite often. “It’s always the same person who rings.” The man told her his wife died in a car crash nine years ago and that he had a 12-year-old son who was attending a boarding school in the U. The real Hallenbeck said he is single and has never been married, nor does he have children.He is not the only service member whose name and photo were used to fool women into sending money to con artists. Richard Bartch had his photos lifted from a family morale Web site by a con artist who then asked women to send money to help pay for the shipment of his luggage as he made his way home from Iraq.

The real Bartch, who lives in Spokane, Wash., knows his name and likeness have been used in the scam, but the nature of the identity theft has limited his options. Just because the guy’s using my name, there’s not any real recourse,” Bartch said.

The woman, who agreed to an interview as long as she was not identified, said she lost about $20,000 to a scam.

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