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In the 150-seat House of Representatives, the one-term incumbent Coalition government was reelected with a reduced 76 seats, marking the first time since 2004 that a government had been reelected with an absolute majority.The Labor opposition picked up a significant number of previously government-held seats − totaling 69 seats.The decision as to the type of election and its date is for the Prime Minister, who advises the Governor-General to set the process in motion by dissolving the lower or both houses and issuing writs for election.Section 13 of the constitution requires that in half-Senate elections the election of state senators must take place within one year before the places become vacant.Assuming a theoretical uniform swing, for the Labor opposition to get to 76 seats and majority government would require Labor with 50.5 percent of the two-party vote from a 4.0-point two-party swing or greater, while for the incumbent Coalition to lose majority government would require the Coalition with 50.2 percent of the two-party vote from a 3.3-point two-party swing or greater.

Based on the 2013 post-election pendulum for the Australian federal election, this Mackerras pendulum was updated to include new notional margin estimates due to redistributions in New South Wales, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.On the crossbench, the Greens, the Nick Xenophon Team, Katter's Australian Party, and independents Wilkie and Mc Gowan won a seat each.For the first time since federation, the post-election opposition won more seats than the post-election government in the two most populous states, New South Wales and Victoria.Elections in Australia use a full-preferential system in one vote, one value single-member seats for the 150-member House of Representatives (lower house) and in time for this election changed from full-preferential group voting tickets to an optional-preferential single transferable vote system of proportional representation in the 76-member Senate (upper house).

Voting is compulsory, by Westminster convention, but subject to constitutional constraints.

On 21 March 2016, Turnbull announced that the parliament would be recalled for both houses to sit on 18 April to consider for a third time the bills to reinstate the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

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