Backdating companies

With more than 20 years of experience working with EDGAR filings our team has developed the most efficient, effective and easy-to-use tools to Search for, Extract & Normalize data from EDGAR filings.We understand that a deep-dive into EDGAR is not just about the search results.They reveal the offshore holdings of individuals and companies from more than 200 countries and territories.They recount example after example of ethical and legal wrongdoing by clients and provide evidence of a firm happy to act as a gatekeeper to the secrets of its clients, even those who turn out to be crooks, members of the Mafia, drug dealers, corrupt politicians and tax evaders. Today, Mossack Fonseca is considered one of the world’s five biggest wholesalers of offshore secrecy.Once the search results have been identified the next step is converting those into content that can be used in meaningful ways.The direct EDGAR Search, Extraction & Normalization Engine was developed to provide our clients with the tools they need to implement verifiable and accountable processes for not just finding data in EDGAR filings but making that data available to their empirical models.

The documents even show that a firm employee traveled from Panama to Vegas to whisk paper documents out of the country.Our tools are used by academic researchers to collect data not available from other sources to test new and complex hypotheses about factors influencing stock prices and corporate governance.Governance professionals use our tools to help them develop solid recommendations for their clients and corporate clients use our data to more quickly keep track of compensation changes happening with their competitors and peers. Mossack Fonesca didn’t want to provide this information.

A subpoena demanded that Mossack Fonseca turn over details about any money that had flowed through the Nevada companies.

In addition we provide next day access to a host of content from EDGAR filings that has been Extracted and Normalized with value-added content.