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Es por esto que promovemos el uso de esta técnica y la presentamos como la mejor opción en la actualidad para nuestros pacientes.In spite of the high frequency of dental infections, its incidence is very low.The study by Chul Lee and Jin Lee (2010) indicated that the most common symptom in odontogenic sinusitis is unilateral purulent rhinorrhoea (observed in 67% of their patients), followed by maxillary pain (33%), cacosmia (26%), unilateral nasal congestion (18%), posterior discharge (14.8%) and gingival oedema (14%).However, there were no significant differences between odontogenic sinusitis symptoms and those for other types of sinusitis, only a greater frequency of unilateral symptoms.Diagnosis is mainly based on a thorough dental and medical examination, together with an evaluation of the previous patient history, specifically looking for diagnostic criteria for sinusitis.

Its treatment has two bases: treating the infection and managing the oroantral fistula that perpetuates the infection.

El uso de la bolsa de Bichat para cerrar la fístula oroantral se documentó por primera vez en 1977.

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