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The thing I remember most is the magnitude of margaritas Mr. Of two pitchers, he had about one-and-a-half himself.I think one of my “racy” questions was, “Where’s the strangest place you’ve had sex?And, I found out he had his own oldies band and loved singing and dancing. That dance instructor was the most patient man on Earth, trying to teach me simple dance moves that I could not master. I heard crew members sighing and saying, “we’re almost out of time,” as they asked the instructor to show me the same move over and over again.Finally, we had to move on to the dinner portion of the evening (phew! That could not be any worse than the dancing, I thought, feeling relieved.

(I prayed it would not be a hot tub, which ended up happening on so many of the dates.) Luckily, someone chose the bar next door, though I would have been happy just to go home. “There’s no need for us to embarrass each other on national TV,” he said, “so why don’t we say yes, we will? 1950s in the other room, so my answer would be private (at least until it was televised). The crew said it had to be yes or no, so I waffled between them, saying, “Maybe… I didn’t want to announce it to friends until I saw it for myself. Three different times while recapping the episode, the show host, Roger Lodge, said something along the lines of, “I still don’t know what Natalia was doing.” Of course, Mr.Then, they’d come out to announce who made it to the next round.Over half the people were “disqualified.” The next step was filling out a questionnaire that reminded me of the SATs — 101 questions about dating (what you like to do, what you don’t), what advice your parents would give you when you went out on dates, what kind of person you’re looking for, etc.) While practicing being Superwoman, a producer spoke to me under the door, saying to think of three racy questions.

I could barely get my dress on let alone think of things to ask a guy I didn’t even care to know more about.

(Later, I came to find out that a lot of these tidbits helped spawn the thought bubbles.)I diligently answered the questions.

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