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The majority of our evenings start with a Beginners class, we then go on to an Intermediate lesson for those who have a grasp of the basic moves and can learn the more complicated ones and to round off the evening the DJ plays some great music so you are free to dance with whoever you like, practice your moves and develop your style - we call this the Freestyle section. Grange Hall is a gorgeous venue both for regular class nights held on a Monday and freestyles.Short sleeves and breathable fabrics are highly recommended.Comfortable smooth soled shoes (not trainers) are great while learning.Go to almost any party and you can certainly dance Ceroc there.

Even numbers are preferred so you must pre-register.While aiming to support our newest dancers, these workshops will also benefit more experienced dancers.Each workshop will help you remember the moves, link the moves, and learn the skills and techniques needed to make the moves smooth, safe and fun. These workshops are designed to speed up your progress toward confident freestyling.

Our instructors will revise all the moves you have learned during the Beginner classes from the previous three Thursday nights.

Going to a Ceroc evening is a great way to meet people, have fun & keep fit all whilst learning to dance.