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Honestly, the masks didn't even cover all that much. You get the point with the shorter name, the point being this is a show in which single women sit in a room while a conveyor belt of 30 single men goes by.Politicians moan about gay marriage ruining the sanctity of marriage, meanwhile this crap is being aired on Fox. Basically, a guy or a girl gets to run through as many different people as possible in 22 minutes.No, seriously, at any point of the date, the main girl or guy can yell "NEXT" if they aren't into the person they're on a date with, and a replacement comes through to, hopefully, woo them.Then, the person who is "singled out" is grilled with a bunch of thirsty questions.

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One of the first dating shows on television was called , which made its debut in 1965.Yes, that is literally what happened in this Australian reality show. Basically, dudes were carted in on a conveyor belt and had up to 60 seconds to impress a woman who was chillin' in a chair, watching as these clowns showed off their abs or odd talents. The fact that this show existed is still slightly baffling.Basically, contestants agree to immediately marry whoever viewers decide they should marry.Honestly, the best part of this show was when girls investigated dudes' rooms and turned on a blacklight so she could find all the semen stains on the sheets. Yeah, really, folks were meant to find love during a three day stay on a Carnival Cruise.

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