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She's made herself captive because now you can talk to her in between tasks. All the other time you are going to be flirtatious, forward even mischievous.Remember, she moved next to you to make herself captive. She will be calling you fresh and bad and calling your comments annoying and inappropriate which is ok as long they are flirtatious and not rude and as long as you cool off before you leave, half hour before lunch and half hour before five.But she doesn't want to look like a slut for being with you, or talking to you so forward.So what she will do is put herself into a situation where she can not leave, so that she has an excuse to listen to you. Stop doing your spiel before she has a chance to leave and disengage before your time is up. This girl likes you, she moves into a cubicle next to yours in the office. Lay off the lingo half an hour before lunch and half an hour before five.Being too forward is ok as long as you keep it flirtatious and sexual as opposed to obnoxious or anything rude, no put downs.And as long as you disengage before your time is up, as a cool off.

She might be looking at a board, or looking out the window or standing at the door, or sitting by a table in the middle of the room, or sitting in a sofa in the middle of the room. If no one is approaching her, that means it's for you.The simplest mistake and easiest to correct is taking too long. As soon as you know she's sending you a signal approach her right away and start with the right comment. She will look at you, make an open circle with her girlfriends or brush her hair when you look at her.Of course you'll need to know how to read signals and what to say. She might walk by you or loosen her blouse when you are around.Though drawn from thorough research and established authorities, this module is at best a rough guide, and any courtship situation will be highly specific to both the courting party and the courted.

No single piece of advice will be appropriate for all people under the relevant circumstances.

Use that opportunity, because if you don't she will feel neglected and not come back again.