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There is a reason that God made men and women different. But take it from someone who no longer faces these annoyances: Don’t let yourself forget what’s good in your husband and your marriage.And if you are dealing with any pent up anger or vindictiveness, let me encourage you, if at all possible, to let it go.Either way, someone to disagree with is a valuable commodity, especially when it’s a person who also cares about my children, finances, and spiritual life as a family as much as I do.I miss the molding that comes from the give and take of life with a husband. We require constant kneading to make us pliable and fit for the potter’s wheel, because without it we can dry up and harden and become useless. As a married woman, I had someone there in my life providing that service daily, and now I must seek it out like seeking a dentist to pull a bad tooth. Even with as much support as I have received (and it has been amazing), it’s still difficult to be vulnerable and share my burdens with someone other than a spouse.You might wonder, I’m not much of a chef myself, honestly.But I do miss the sense of accomplishment that I felt when David complimented a dish and asked to have it again soon.

So we eat a lot of small easy meals, like sandwiches, hot dogs, fresh fruits and vegetables, anything that can be thrown together quickly.So I end up sitting alone to eat while they play together. The other day a friend was telling me how she bought an outdoor waterslide for her kids so they would be occupied while she worked on some preparations for a big party.She thought her husband would set it up and then come inside to help her while the kids played, but instead, he spent the entire day playing on the slide with the kids.Not long ago, I was in a discussion group of singles, but there happened to be one young married couple in the mix.

Having been widowed for a couple of years now, I love to watch how husbands and wives interact.

How many times have I been fuzzy on the details of a story or forgotten the name of a movie or restaurant or company, and there was no one to ask? When I saw the way this couple interacted like a well-played duet, I couldn’t help but long for what I had lost.

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