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The following sections describe some specific kinds of charges that can be raised under the Title VII bases.National origin discrimination includes discrimination based on place of origin or on the physical, cultural, or linguistic characteristics of a national origin group.

The investigator should consult with the legal unit if applicable case law differs from the Commission's position on a particular issue.Typically, it is fairly simple to determine whether threshold requirements are met.Sometimes, however, an investigator will be unable to readily determine whether a particular threshold requirement has been met without additional investigation.Sometimes, national origin discrimination overlaps with race discrimination, and in such cases, the basis of discrimination can be categorized as both race and national origin. The Commission defines "religion" to include moral or ethical beliefs as to right and wrong that are sincerely held with the strength of traditional religious views.

For example, discrimination against a Native American may be race and/or national origin discrimination. This broad coverage ensures that individuals are protected against religious discrimination regardless of how widespread their particular religious beliefs or practices are.

A charge filed with the Commission must present a claim that is cognizable under the laws enforced by the Commission.

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