Dating divorced dad teenagers

Thanks in advance for any information Deb I think that since you are working with a professional, you should ask him.Normally I would say consistency in taking away his cell phone or even all electronic privledges.I just wonder sometimes if all this anger and resentment is from being a teenager or if he still has hidden issues from my divorce some 6 years ago...again I thank you for responding and I will keep posting updates. My son is almost 18 (in Feb 2010) and this sounds very close to our situation.he has a great scense of humor and is very bright but he has a bad temper at times especially when he is confronted about something that he may have done wrong and it's like pulling teeth to get him to clean up after himself or do the dishes once in awhile.

I have been struggling the last two years to provide for my kids when my husband was not and I feel Kyle should have helped a lot more.he is very gun shy though now and is not comfortable being here with my son for more than a few minutes.this was a very tramatic experience for us all(he lost his job for unknown reasons and I lost mine due to the stress) and my daughter has become very insecure too. i always blamed my husband because I never felt after we married that he gave Kyle proper positive attention.I also married when my son was eight and we have a nine year old daughter who sounds alot like is very compliant(usually).

my son has displayed exact behavior you described in yours .

I care about his sprituality and how he is going to survive on his own because I cannot let this go on after he trurns 18 in Feb and keep my husband away anylonger.