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At this writing, for example, “dating” sites meant for teenagers seem to be the rage. Ogle is a new bad app, which I learned about via Josh Ochs at If you encounter a new app on your child’s phone you are curious about, do a Google search and have a conversation with your child about it. Never, or at least since Yik-Yak, have I seen any app get this much negative press and criticism in such a short time.It’s anonymous, easy to use to abuse and bully people and there’s no legitimate reason for it to exist. Well, we have to bring “After School” back from the list of apps which appeared to have been dead.It’s back, as of November 2015 and there’s already a flurry of really bad reports from a variety of reputable news outlets.Tumblr is an extremely popular blogging platform and, as blogging platforms go, it’s functional and not inherently bad. Some are highly inappropriate for youth and tumblr has a massive amount of pornography posted o blogs.There is nothing about tumblr’s usage agreements that prevent people from posting extremely explicit pictures and videos, and so they do.It is my opinion that no child or teenager should be permitted by a parent to use this app.A new kid on the block, Burnbook has already gained notoriety.

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It may hold the distinction of being the most notorious app in this list. There were a number of options from the Birmingham Metro area, including, “Mount Brook.” Once I did that, I got the image to the left and below, tiger-headed bikini girl or whatever that is.I’m not completely confident that the bad outweighs the good.I AM confident I would not have allowed my children to have it.It is, yes, an anonymous messaging service based on GPS location.

A user is able to see anything posted by other users within an approximate 5-mile radius from that user’s location.

It’s another app that facilitates cyberbullying, lewd online conduct, and abusive behavior of various kinds by a anonymous posting and a lack of accountability.