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Single tuners start to relace the 2-on-a-strip type. A shorter tailpiece is now used, this being common to the Club bass also. Even the pearloid used for the control panel and pickguard could not be obtained.Höfner did their best to satisfy these request and a number of variants were produced for the Japanese market. Around 1990 a British guitar dealer - Music Ground - became involved as they wanted to produce a replica of the 1961 "Cavern" bass.

This was the H500/1-61 model, also known as the V61 Cavern Bass. Whilst the V61 "Cavern" was being developed with Music Ground Höfner were working on producing a bass that would be similar to Paul Mc Cartney's bass.Emma Yeomans meets the Hove expert whose analysis and appraisal can make or break a sale Peter Ratcliff’s workshop in Hove is a musical treasure trove.Violins and violas hang on the walls, cellos stand neatly and various parts of instruments hang above his workbenches.Laminate tops instead of solid tops start to be used.

This is the famous "Cavern" bass - Paul Mc Cartneys first Höfner in 1961. Pickguard is screwed to body top instead of using fixing mails.

1962The "Cavern" pickup changes to the "Diamond Logo" type. The headstock logo changes and now uses the Höfner script logo as a decal 1963The "Diamond Logo" pickups are replaced by the "Staple" type. The decal logo is replaced by a 3D white and gold plastic logo 1965-66The control panel gets bigger. 1970s late Knobs on control panel change to black type. 1980s"Blade" pickups changed to the 1965/66 type on some basses. Pearloid is supplied from Japan as German source is no longer available.

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