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So if you’re living with a mental health condition and wondering how to discuss it in your new relationship, here’s what the experts want you to keep in mind.A recent survey asked more than 2,100 people about their experiences regarding dating and mental illness.When it comes to mental health, no matter how scary it is, you ultimately have to be honest and seek love and support from your partner.Psych Guides found a majority of people in relationships had partners supportive of their mental health disorders.

If you have a broken leg, society accepts you're injured and understands the importance of seeking help (like a hospital or physical therapy) to heal and mend. People judge you when you say you can't get out of bed one day. " or "Come out with us, it will make you feel better." They'd never say things like that to someone laid up in traction, or a person running a high fever.It found that women were more likely than men to disclose their condition, as well as any medication they were taking for the condition.(Specifically, nearly three-quarters of women told their partners about their mental health issue, and over three-fourths of women tell their partners about use of medication.) Wondering what that means for you?I've struggled with an anxiety disorder for most of life.

And knowing that my partner has to deal with it regularly leaves me feeling guilty and full of self-doubt.

Yet if you have depression, anxiety, or a host of other mental illnesses, you're a social outcast. I didn't tell my boyfriend about my anxiety for a long time.

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