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The type of wood under natural finish generally makes up the look of the instrument.When the wood is stained, it’s purely a question of “what’s your favorite color?Since then the ES 335 'Dot' has been a must-have guitar in every arsenal.Our version, the Epiphone Dot makes this icon guitar available to players everywhere.If you have a pulse (and want to play guitar), there is something for you in the Epiphone catalogue of electric guitars.The goal of this article is to provide you with a handful of Epiphone guitars that we feel are excellent affordable instruments of equal quality to their big brother Gibson.Many Epiphone’s feature either a Tune-O-Matic tailpiece or trapeze-style tailpiece.Both are relatively easy to adjust when considering action.

Fat and loud when needed and soft and sweet when not. The classic look and sound of a '59 es-355 with a reasonable price tag. The build quality is very impressive, and there seems to be a lot of attention to detail that I didn't find with many other Epiphone guitars.Feel – Electric guitars boast different neck styles, even trademarking them.Try not to buy too much into this; even trademarked necks vary little from each other.If not, they should be able (and willing) to order it for you.

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    The Epiphone Dot Studio, A New Twist on the Classic Rock and Roll Machine. The Epiphone Dot, Epiphone's version of the venerable ES-335 "Dot", has been wowing guitar players all over the world for a decade. Vintage models with vintage problems can't complete with our Epiphone Dot, which is simply one of the best.…