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Some people believe that armpit hair acts as a storage centre for pheromones, though there is some debate as to whether human pheromones really exist.The likes of Instagram accounts ‘Pitangels’ and ‘ladypithair’ are encouraging women to grow and show their armpit hair.“Smooth equals sexy for a lot of people.”Interestingly, De Souza claims that the intersection of women’s pubic hair and their dating lives isn’t as relevant in the U. as it is it London and Singapore, where Strip has studios. Nonetheless, when it comes to dating, it seems that hair (on your head your body) isn’t actually a hard dealbreaker; it’s more of a preference.

“Longer hair is associated with better health because healthier hair is a sign of youth and better physical health,” Dr. “So if a woman has short hair, this characteristic cannot be judged, or it may be assumed that her hair is unhealthy and cannot be maintained at a long length.”But the correlation between hair preferences and dating goes below the neckline — and the belt.‘Romancing the armpit’ is taking place at Alcohol Architecture in London’s Borough Market. I’d recently brought my hair stylist a Louis Vuitton ad featuring Michelle Williams (remember how fierce she looked?I met J for lunch one day and we had a very nice conversation.

He told me that he had been a local radio personality. It gave me a funny feeling because I’d never dated such a . After the last revelation, I have to admit I was totally and completely grossed out.

Aptly named ‘Romancing the armpit’, the event has been billed as the world’s first armpit sniffing dating night.

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