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And later, Luke sees a necktie and flashes back to his and Noah’s first kiss!Did you know that the writing team got a swarm of neckties sent to them in honor of Nuke’s first kiss? ” And when I said Luke is torn, this is when it comes to a head.He seems to get everyone else to do things for him like his mom, or Holden, or Lucinda.Somebody always comes in and runs the foundation when he is not really feeling it.MICHAEL: How does Jake Silbermann (Noah) feel about Luke having another man?

I guess that is what soap opera characters do, but I don’t think I would be a friend with somebody like Luke, who absolutely has zero drive.We just saw the other week, but when we hang out, the show is not on our minds. And, that is another part of what I like between Luke and Reid’s relationship. VAN: This plays out till the end, and especially, this is the story that is not going to wrap-up till the last couple of episodes. We still have a month left to tape, but I am working a lot now, which is good!MICHAEL: One of my favorite recent soap scenes was when Luke and Reid got stuck in an elevator together. Through out it all, they do really like each other, and they don’t mind knocking each other down a few pegs. Fans want to know: is he a cocky, snarky guy like Reid, or a funny guy in person? I think it’s going to be pretty exciting all the way till the finale. I thought it was two people coming to the table with different things.And to actually get off his ass out there and do something.

He has his foundation, and that is great, but he doesn’t really seem to want to do anything.

I think he is kind of intrigued by Reid and what Reid offers.

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