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- Nearside formations pictures by Paolo Lazzarotti, (Thanks to him !

Unfortunately, the final weeks and days are proving to be the most difficult, and Sam finds himself going a bit squirrelly, leaving both he and the audience to wonder if what's unfolding is actually happening, or merely a drama taking place in his addled mind.This pack can be completed with : - Others languages translations - All pictures libraries - Very high resolution textures Note : If you want to support our action, you can also obtain a more complete version on DVD, including pictures libraries and all the textures up to 60m resolution (4 The Pocket PC version of VMA : “2D lunar globe” with Nearside Farside and phases display, - Audio comments on formations can be recorded - Databases “Named formations of Nearside and Farside”, “LOPAM” pictures library Install this file after the main installer above without uninstalling the version 6.0 It correct for the following problems encountered with the version 6.0: - Display corruption after a font change - Impossible to compute the CCD fields. - The initial size of the Moon is too small for the window. This files correct a bug that occur on Mac with an ATI Radeon graphic card, or Windows with legacy ATI drivers for the graphic card Radeon X… If you are affected, install this file after the main package.- Clarify the observatory East/West longitude display. Do not install it in any other case as there may be incompatibilities with other graphic drivers. Includes 3 pictures libraries with some best amateur formation pictures.It tells the story of Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell), the only inhabitant of an automated lunar mining base extracting Helium-3 from lunar rocks to be shipped back to Earth to fuel the energy starved planet.