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This example involving the pot is very illustrative.Weinstein has essentially reduced this woman to dirt, which is a reflection of how he feels about himself. I mean a lot of men who are stuck in these cycles of addictive behavior will say “I was as addicted to the shame as I was to the sex.” It’s about this cycle of “I’m a piece of shit, I do things that make me feel like a piece of shit, and therefore I have corroboration and evidence that I am indeed a piece of shit.” Weinstein may have tried to stop masturbating in front of women and couldn’t, which he may have hated himself for.Is a man who forces women to watch him masturbate likely to commit more serious sex crimes? I don’t know that every guy who does this would go on to be a rapist, though those allegations exist against Weinstein.This specific act is a good example of what we see in sex addiction where there’s tolerance, and over time people start to cross lines they would have never crossed before.Some of the most disturbing recent allegations of sexual assault involve men forcing women to watch them masturbate.

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If he just masturbates, he can tell himself that he’s not strong-arming anybody. I don’t know what it’s like to hold a penis and do that.On a yacht in Cannes, the model Angie Everhart alleges that she woke up from a nap to find Weinstein standing over her while masturbating, his body blocking the cabin door.At least four other actresses and models have told similar stories, which parallel industry rumors about Louis C. jerking off in front of female comics (he dismissed these accusations as “rumors” earlier this year).These guys think they’re above the law and that people will cover up for them.

They also think of their victims: “She’s not going to say anything because nobody is going to believe her.

There’s also something inherently really primitive and childish about forcing a woman to watch you masturbate.