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"The way to tell if you've met your soulmate has to do with silence.When you feel like you can just be quiet with someone else and just enjoy the beauty of a moment together, that's when you know that you've met your perfect match," says Dr.The dating process starts when clients meet up with our consultant.This will allow us to carefully determine what you are look for in a potential partner.You probably have the grand awareness that you know and appreciate this individual.

You have a personal checklist of everything you want in a partner. It’s as if there is a spiritual force pushing you to let go of everything you previously expected and to give of yourself completely. You may not have connected, but you were in the same place, at the same time.We will discuss your lifestyle, interests, relationship goal and what has or hasn’t worked for you in the past to increase a chance of success when we select a match.Once we select a match based on personality and requirements, we will propose about the person we have chosen to you.Finding someone who has the same outlook and handles problems in the same way you do is someone you can grow old with, says Kankariya.

It's usually a pretty rare and wonderful experience to meet your soulmate, let alone know you have discovered them.

But even if we do realize that fantasy, do you even know what you're looking for? “Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction."The above quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery really sums up what it means to have found your soulmate, says Slisha Kankariya, co-founder of Four Mine, an online jewelry retailer.