Musician speed dating

“I am extremely proud of what Speed Dating for Songwriters™ has done for our affiliates,” said Samantha Cox, Assistant VP, Creative (NYC).“With this initiative, we have established a strong sense of community among our writers, fostering a thriving and supportive network of creatives.Throughout the day, I asked questions and took mental notes about my dates, identifying aspects as pros (tall, easy to talk to, accomplished in the mountains) or cons (really into cars, self-absorbed, inconsiderate). As soon as I arrived at the base after parting from Date Number One, I heard a voice behind me say, “Hey, what color ribbon are you? Before we could get matched with anyone else, he invited me to ski.” I turned to see a cute skier boy (at least from what I could tell based on the five inches of exposed face under his goggles) smiling widely. Asking the ribbon question here seemed akin to asking, “Hey, how old are you? Our chatter flowed from work to college to the outdoors.If we like each other, we can ski together as long as we want.If we don’t click, I can go back to the base and get a new match.

But there I was, six months later, trying to get out of my comfort zone by skiing with complete strangers at a chairlift speed-dating event.Sitting in Saturday-morning ski traffic on I-70 the day of the event, I was hopeful about getting back into the outdoor dating scene but worried that my dates would leave me in a spray of snow.I’m a pretty cautious skier, and I figured everyone there would be shredding.He laughed at all my jokes (add that to the pro column), and I was surprised to learn that he worked for my alma mater.

He had a huge smile on his face the whole time, which put me at ease.

Curiously, there seemed to be a lot of women in the older age brackets (35 to 45 and 45-plus) and a lot of men in the youngest one.