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A lot of former gay porn stars do that in order to not be recognized. Wrong R78Gay porn and heterosexual porn face uneven levels of judgements in society and the same if you apply it to bodybuilding.For example: Straight pornstar Talon who did gay porn as Lex Baldwin Stu is nowhere near the douche that Talon is. Stu is still actively modeling for a male audience on All American Guys and welcoming gay followers to his Youtube and Instagram channels. If you, for example, look up discussions regarding Kai Greene having done a form of gay porn and then you look up discussion regarding bodybuilders who do heterosexual porn you won't find the same criticism applied to both circles.R76We can take the debate to the bodybuilding field which is very much connected to sex too and Stu is also part of that world.There is a lot of condemnation of bodybuilders who do any form of gay porn, the heads of the industry hinder the success of a bodybuilder who has done it.Search for articles regarding bodybuilders doing porn, it is all about gay porn; no one writes about bodybuilders doing heterosexual porn even though amny are doing it. Many bodybuilders do porn, some of them do hetero porn yet they never get called out for it, not even minimally questioned, but doing gay porn is frown upon in a world that is all about flaunting your nearly naked body for other men. Some bodybuilders are oportunistic and only see in gay men a source for easy money.The very few people who ever happen to mention bodybuilders doing heterosexual porn they do it as a triumph rather than an immoral thing. R111, of course there is a huge stigma to anything overtly gay.It's called "GAY porn." Porn has a stigma, and anything gay has a huge stigma.I would expect anyone formerly linked to gay Porn not to want to be associated with the stigma once they leave the building.

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I guess he does all the bulking up to change his appearance to put his "Sean Cody Stu" days behind him.Now he can do hatero porn without feeling bad about it.His regrets on his gay porn past are only conditioned by how high he regards what society thinks of homosexuality associated with porn.R18 Stu is 5'8" according to the Sean Cody site, and that seems correct.

He was shorter or the same height as most of the guys he was paired up with, and the majority of SC performers are in the 5'7' - 5'10" range.

Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.

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