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I’ll take a bearded beaverbush over masturbation any damn day. 35: If a lady expects oral Maintain pubic hygiene (vaginal) You don’t have to shave, maybe just trim? Just keep the pubic shrubbery tamed for him So his tongue won’t get lost in the pubic forest And still locate the site of the elusive clitoris.

They're the ones we listen to - not corporate suits on Wall St.So while she waits for me to rip the condom sachet, she grabs my dick and slaps it on her pussy.But girl, you ain’t slick – I know you’re not just spanking your naughty vag! And damn did that prickly pussy itch like chicken pox. So I part with my hands the lush forestation of her pubes.

My tongue was so itchy licking her, I wanted to drink Calamine lotion. But she pulls me in, and I literally did not have a say because she shuts me up with a tongue lashing – her tongue twisting around mine. You know what, I need to get my dick inside her now.

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