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I had gone on handfuls of dates since my ex and I broke up; 2 of them involved me drinking copious amounts of wine to even deal with the homeboy who took me out, and the other involved me climbing out of bathroom window – I don’t always have the best of luck when it comes to love, alright? If you’re sister is dating a bar owner, like mine is, you’ll never have to worry about fights breaking out because everybody knows who is on speed dial.

Click to see the Pros: An Aquarius will surprise you with their constant stream of unique thoughts.It’s not that we didn’t like each other, or think that we didn’t click (because we do click, really well, actually). If you are ever in the situation where you are in need of help from the police, no more waiting 15-20 minutes for someone to get there. It’s that both of us were fresh (1 yr) out of long relationships that didn’t end so swell and we were scared, or not willing, to put ourselves back out there. You’ve got a direct line to your honey – and if he/she cares about you (which I’m assuming he/she does), he/she will be there lickety-split to help you out 5. If you’re someone who doesn’t do well with stubborn people, you may want to stay away from a Taurus; their stubbornness is legendary.

Click to see the : Because Geminis are so intelligent, they can be know-it-alls and unintentionally make you feel intellectually inferior.

Which sign will make you laugh your ass off and which will never return your texts? Even if you're not fully convinced that what sign you're born under influences your personality, we bet you'll be more convinced after reading through this.

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