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And when you decide to do it, why don’t you set up some funny out of office messages like one of these below.

Finally, to ask someone if you can kiss them, say "czy moge cie pocalowac".Doing something memorable, something crazy that positively surprises people you chat with not only makes them happy, but also turns them into brand ambassadors.Simply said: positive experience makes people talk.She’ll likely be immersed in the narrative that from the patriarchy to harassment to rape, women are all victims of men in one way or another and that there’s nothing they should personally do to keep themselves from having a “me, too” moment.

That leaves the question to be answered politically, beyond the laws we already have against harassment and assault — but that answer locks women into a victim class forever.

"Czy chcesz pojechac do kina" means "would you like to go to the movies".

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