Requirements for updating fire suppresion system

This signal is then used to determine which section (floor) of a fire sprinkler system has water flow.(9) Jacking Pump - Jacking are manual (hand) or electric (semi-automatic or fully automatic) pumps are not always fitted to an automatic fire sprinkler system.The stop valve is used to isolate (stop) the water supply coming in to the fire sprinkler system.Often the (3) Alarm Valve - The Alarm Valve is used to control the flow of water into the fire sprinkler system.Jacking Pumps have a secondary function of maintaining the water pressure within a fire sprinkler system reducing the likelihood of false alarms caused by low pressure, caused by small water leaks.Pressure Gauge - A pressure gauge us a mechanical device that is usually fitted to an automatic fire sprinkler system.

In addition to this there are additional components that support this arrangement including a Valve Monitor, Pressure Switch and Flow Switch.When this occurs water from the water supply will pass through the alarm valve to the affected fire sprinkler and also past the alarm bell.The resultant pressure drop will also activate the alarm pressure switch, which in turn will activate an alarm calling the fire brigade.As an active contributor to Wikipedia, I must say there are some great resources on Active Fire Protection, Fire Sprinklers and Fire Sprinkler Systems.

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(1) Stop Valve - The Stop Valve is used to isolate the water supply, it may also be called the isolating valve.