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I have been assured by the White House that all refugees are subject to the highest level of security checks of any category of traveler to the United States. Dayton was involved in a conflict with the majority-Republican Minnesota State Legislature over the state's budget for the upcoming two years.With the threat of a July 1, 2017, shutdown looming, the legislature crafted a series of 10 budget bills that would lay out a $46 billion budget for the state.If you make more, you pay more; if you make less, you pay less," stated Dayton during a March 2013 speech in Duluth.On February 17, 2013, Senator Scott Dibble (D) announced on a talk show that he would introduce a bill in the Minnesota State Senate to legalize same-sex marriage.On May 23, 2013, Dayton signed a tax bill raising the tax rate for upper-income residents.Before becoming governor, Dayton served in the United States Senate for a single term. Though he lost the 1982 election, he remained in public life working as Walter Mondale's legislative assistant and, in 1990, he was elected Minnesota state auditor.

"My feeling is, everybody ought to pay their fair share of taxes.In a June 2013 analysis by The Business Journals, which ranked 45 of the country's 50 governors by their job creation records, Dayton was ranked number 15.The five governors omitted from the analysis all assumed office in 2013. Dayton supported tax increases to fill a $627 million deficit, boost funding for early education programs and pay for a portion of a new football stadium for the Minnesota Vikings.Dayton signed the bills on May 30, 2017, but utilized his line-item veto power to eliminate all measures that would have funded the state legislature.

Dayton said the veto was in response to a provision inserted into one of the budget bills shortly before it was handed over to him which would have tied funding for the state's Department of Revenue to the governor's signature on a $650 million tax cut which he has previously opposed.

According to Eric Ostermeier, when Dayton completes his second term, he will tie Rudy Perpich (D) as the longest-serving Democratic governor in the state, at eight years and five days.