Silverlight combobox selectedvalue not updating

What I wanted to do was bind the items in the Combo Box to a list in my View Model and to track the currently selected item.

One consideration is that Silverlight doesn’t seem to support Collection View at the moment.This allows us to set the Current Item from the View Model as well as get notified whenever the Current Item changes.I’m not sure yet whether using Collection View is a better approach than the alternatives I have seen which bind the Selected Value or Selected Item property.NET that encapsulates a list and the concept of a current item as well as supporting the INotify Property Changed interface. I set the Is Sychronized With Current Item to true to allow us to track the current item on the Items Source.

The code in the View Model first creates the List, and then creates a Collection View based on that list.

You will be able to do more operation with the help of this.