Singapore place to go for dating

You’re better off taking the MRT (Metro) and buses which are everywhere and cheap.Get a $7 SGD ($5.50 USD) rechargeable card for $12 SGD ($10 SGD) and refill as necessary with the pocketfuls of change you will accumulate everywhere.That’s what the non-millionaire locals do for food in Singapore and it’s a much better option.

Maybe it’s the heat, but the Singaporean brains just don’t work in the same way that yours and mine work.There’s great party there and an enormous number of hot chicks, but despite those advantages Singapore is absolutely a recommended single dude travel destination. I personally prefer cheaper places where you don’t have to call your broker to sell your investments in order to go out and party, places where you can go out freely without worrying that you’re going to spend your whole paycheck on mediocre Southeast Asian beer.To party well and survive financially in Singapore you have be smart about it.Singapore, a tiny nation-state at the southern tip of Malaysia, is really on the rise these days.