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Courtney: I mean they were the power players, but for me, I don't think that... Reality TV World: When you described Todd as a "slippery little sucker" -- like you just said, you were aware he was a strategist -- but when Amanda approached you about aligning with Denise to vote him out, you seemed to try and convince her against the idea -- why?You've got to understand that this is all sort of silly because I was never a strategic person so people think I'm still getting all sassy about my strategy here. Courtney: Again, I thought that Todd, Amanda and I were all on a level playing field. " (laughing) But lucky for me, I had people who gave me a pep talk. Like, "Who is this nerd who was sent here to ruin lives on this show." It was amazing.Everyone was walking around with this fake voice, being all like, "I'm putting on a good personality because I want people to like me! That's when Todd and Amanda and [Denise Martin] and I all really got together, and we were all sort of like, "Okay..." Reality Tv World: What was your deal with Jean-Robert? It actually ended up working out to our benefit because even when it was the three of us [in an alliance], Amanda and I were never associated as friends or any sort of a bond at all.where she was mum on sister Kendall Jenner's Pepsi fiasco, but gotta say ...

🎉 It usually costs campaigns tons of 💰 to get that kind of name ID.So people would sort of talk trash about Amanda in-front of me -- and do the same thing [about me] in-front of her -- without realizing we were constantly comparing notes. Reality TV World: You seemed to recognize Todd and Amanda were big strategists in the competition.Was that the case, and if so, did you ever seriously consider putting them on the chopping block? Instead of one castaway sent to Exile Island, two were sent. Relationship Statistics Status Duration Length Dating 2010 - 2013 3 years Total 2010 - 2013 3 years.

While on Exile Island, each exiled castaway picked from one of two urns. Exile Island returned this season, but with new twists.

Applications were due by July 15, 2008, with in-person interviews being conducted in various cities sometime in August 2008, and semi-finalists traveling to Los Angeles, California sometime in September 2008.