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"Eric doesn't always show appreciation for me," she says. "It was Eric's idea, but I was on board," Janet says.

I'm also welcome to interview them the day after, when their defenses will be lowest.Their living room looks like a Pottery Barn catalog, with throw pillows alternating precisely across the couch: beige, burgundy, beige, burgundy, beige.They keep their unorthodox sex life under wraps — and with good reason. If anyone they know professionally discovered what they do in the buff, there would be unfixable damage to their reputations, or worse. Sure, they follow everyday rules, but the concept of swinging is mind-boggling to most people in a serious relationship.The tenderness between them makes what I know about their sex life even more baffling.

How can two supposedly happily married people watch each other get so close with so many someone-elses?

"The lightbulb went off while the two were on vacation and Eric, on a whim, suggested hitting a strip club. "I was relaxed after a few days off, and it seemed exciting," she says.