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Externally there are usually three pins: two pins connect to each end of the resistor, while the third connects to the pot’s wiper. Turn the pot all the way in one direction, and the voltage may be zero; turned to the other side the output voltage approaches the input; a wiper in the middle position means the output voltage will be half of the input.Potentiometers come in a variety of packages, and have many applications of their own.

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A voltage divider alone will never be able to step a lower voltage up to a higher one.If we combine that with a static resistance somewhere in the middle - say 5.6kΩ, we can get a wide range out of the voltage divider they create. Many of those sensors operate at a relatively low voltage, in order to conserve power.Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon that those low-voltage sensors are ultimately interfacing with a microcontroller operating at a higher system voltage.A potentiometer is a variable resistor which can be used to create an adjustable voltage divider.

Internal to the pot is a single resistor and a wiper, which cuts the resistor in two and moves to adjust the ratio between both halves.

Basically, don’t use a voltage divider as a voltage supply for anything that requires even a modest amount of power.