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Continue reading “It outrages me people who call themselves fans would attack and obsess over an innocent girl, just because she has met Bill!” Heather Chase is sticking up for Laura Kleinas after the DSDS contestant told she has received death …Schnee, Tokio Hotel fandom-watchdog and moderator of Tokio Hotel America, …Long before the Viper Room became known as an iconic hangout of Hollywood’s young elite as well as the site where actor River Phoenix died in 1993, 8852 Sunset Blvd.Continue reading Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz, 23, has found himself a new romance: DSDS contestant Laura Kleinas, 17.Kaulitz is a judge on the German version of America’s hit show, American Idol.Kaulitz has shown favoritism for the young, dark-haired lady. Continue reading Bill and Tom Kaulitz of German rock band Tokio Hotel made a rare appearance at an event in California this Saturday: the NIVEA and Shay Todd Summer Chateau.

“We just had to step away from the career a little bit, because we felt like we had said everything.It’s a vastly different setting than where they were just one week earlier, performing in Berlin before a crowd of nearly one million people, but as Kaulitz rounds out the group’s sound check with a rapid-fire run of their track “Girl Got a Gun,” it's apparent he’s no less eager to perform for the 250 fans who are waiting on the other side of the nightclub’s door to see one of Europe’s biggest bands.“We never really get to do these kinds of shows, so it’s definitely different,” he tells me moments later as we’re led down the club’s velvet-lined staircase to a dimly lit room beneath the stage.Continue reading Bill Kaulitz’s rumored long-time girlfriend, Heather Grey Chase, appears in Tokio Hotel’s new music video for their third single, “Love Who Loves You Back”.

Chase is the wavy blonde who is continually featured throughout the video, but never shows her whole …

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