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In an effort to make the handset more enticing and somewhat "future proof," the company said it would leverage its proven capability in the area of software development to gradually add new software features and applications to its i Phone (and Apple TV products) free of charge, thereby providing its customers with the "greatest possible experience." Under GAAP accounting principles, Apple normally fully recognizes the revenue associated with the sale of a product, such as an i Pod, once the device has reached the end user; or less commonly, when the device has shipped.

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Therefore, should Apple be compelled to treat i Pod touches like i Phones and Apple TVs, it may need to make a similar disclosure to the one it made for the aforementioned two products back in 2007.The statistics for i Pod touch users paint an entirely different picture, however.Ad Mob reported that just 1% of i Pod touch users accessing its network on Saturday had upgraded to the new software, while a resounding 78% were still running the latest point release of i Phone Software 2.0 introduced last year.If you’ve got an i Pod touch and are hoping to upgrade to i OS 7, the all-new version of Apple’s handheld operating system, you may be out of luck, even if you purchased the device earlier this year.

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    Sep 16, 2013. If you've got an iPod touch and are hoping to upgrade to iOS 7, the all-new version of Apple's handheld operating system, you may be out of luck, even if you purchased the device earlier this year. Apple isn't offering a version of the new software for the fourth-generation version of the iPod touch, which.…
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    Jun 25, 2009. Nearly half of all iPhone users have already jumped at the opportunity to enhance the functionality of their handsets by installing the free iPhone Software 3.0 update, but the same can't be said for iPod touch users, who -- deterred by a $10 upgrade charge -- are adopting the new software at a snail's pace.…
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    Jul 17, 2017. It's little secret that Apple's NASDAQAAPL iPod Touch doesn't sell in significant quantities; it's just one of the many products that contribute to its "Other" products line item, which -- in total -- generated just over $11 billion in revenue during fiscal year 2016. Nevertheless, the iPod is still a product that Apple.…