Updating server extensions in iis

I'm not sure if you mean the compilation of aspx files in temporary assemblies. NET deployment projects, which precompile all aspx/ascx files beforehand.While copying the binary files from the "publish" to the "bin" folder, we temporary enable a app_file which is removed after all assemblies are copied (just a few seconds). EDIT: You could try to recycle the app pool using appcmd.exe, instead of stopping the web site: Not the answer, but a workaround idea in case there is no way to "unlock" that file without restarting IIS server: What if you build/deploy to an new empty folder and change the website's home directory to that folder?

The build process stops the website before cleaning via allows you to take IIS down completely; we do not want to do this!not an expert on windows file locking semantics Jarrod, are you able to rename the file out of the way.You may also be able to create your new file with a temporary extension, and then rename it over the current file.Depending on how the antivirus software is configured (quarantine or delete), it might also be required to replace the affected files if they were deleted.

In case that Trend Micro anti virus is used on client machines, the pattern on the client machines also has to be updated to ensure that the file is not quarantined when browing to a Share Point site.

You have to create an new folder name though or switch between two names. If it doesn't have to be in the root folder, you could put it in a newly created folder and create a virtual directory pointing to that folder.