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''I feel like somehow if I shell up and don't relate to people, somehow I'm getting back at somebody for crippling me.'' Who might that somebody be? Murry Wilson's punishments ranged from a tongue-lashing to the bizarre practice of taking out his glass eye and forcing Brian to peer into the open socket.The early sense of alienation that Brian's hearing impediment produced was heightened by the tough lower-middle-class environment of his community, a semi-industrialized tract on the fringes of Southern California's postwar manufacturing boom.In 1976, Landy had briefly had the songwriter under his care; the psychologist's more recent treatment of Wilson, however, is under investigation by the California Attorney General's office, which, among other complaints, accuses Landy of acting improperly as Wilson's business manager while he was his therapist.''See, I had a helluva time getting through some of the frustrations that go along with being a successful record artist,'' Wilson recalls quietly as we speed along the road parallel to the sloping Santa Monica Mountains.No one, however, has converged on schedule, owing to Wilson's placid pace, and the bodyguard's having been called away on another errand.The heavily shielded Wilson, who is normally as inaccessible to the press and public as Michael Jackson, is left unattended for perhaps the first time in years.

And when he smiles, there are glimmerings of the fresh-faced innocent he was 27 years ago, when he and four other teen-agers introduced the exuberant ''California sound'' - one that was to create the fable of a carefree life of sun, surf and sand.''I had decided to do a solo album back around 1985,'' says Wilson, ''because I was pretty disappointed with the lack of success of the last Beach Boys album'' (''The Beach Boys,'' released that year), ''and I thought I could do better on my own. Landy thought so, too.'' The composer of such unfettered Beach Boys classics as ''Fun, Fun, Fun'' and ''Good Vibrations'' has written 11 new songs that retain the pure, pealing harmonies and heart-tugging vulnerability of his best Beach Boys songs, while displaying a deft ability to bend modern studio technology -synthesizers, computerized sound mixing - to his own poignant themes. By mutual agreement, Brian has little contact with them; Marilyn Wilson once told an interviewer that the songwriter had suffered so much from an abusive parent that he, afraid of repeating what his father had done, abrogated his duties as a father.''Rio Grande,'' an extended song Wilson wrote with a fellow songwriter, Andy Paley, is about a grueling pilgrimage across forbidding terrain. As Wilson hurries in through the kitchen, he apologizes to the resident security chief cum bodyguard, Kevin Leslie, for being slightly late. And he'd turn and tell me, 'Write this song and make it a No. ' When your father tells you to do something, you do it, because all you've ever known since you were a little baby was that he was boss.Brian, who had a beautiful boy soprano voice, sang at school functions and with the church choir.

Seeing the effect Brian's crisply angelic voice had on relatives and friends, Murry Wilson soon permitted his eldest son to pound freely at the parlor piano.

The essence of the American dream is the belief that anyone can escape the limits and sorrows of his background by reinventing himself.

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