Who is natalie nunn dating

She had featured in several tv series through which she obtains a decent amount of money and finances her living.

Natalie said that the girl wanted to take some intimate pictures and she also called some of her friends too.Natalie Nunn is a reality show star who starred in the Bad Girls Club.She also participated in Love Games and Bag Girls All Star Battle. They started dating in the same year and got married after a year in 2012. Natalie defended her husband and said that it was a false call.The couple dated for a couple of years and announced their engagement in April 2012. Natalie and Olamide announced that they were expecting their first child in 2015, but suffered from miscarriage later.

In 2016, Natalie became pregnant again with a baby girl, Journey.

It was said that she and Jacob were in Brazil for one of his game and she was seen having dinner with John Wall, wearing a tight fitting dress, all alone. They talked for a very long time and then, she left the table first.