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================================= FAMILY CAREGIVERS? TECHNOLOGY USE ================================= Individual Families Groups (5390) ------------------------------------------------- Synopsis -- 2003 Family Caregiver Survey Results Do you use the Internet? 80% of respondents use the Internet; the majority access it daily.The most oft reason for using the Internet is to learn about a care recipient's illness or disease.------------------------------------------------- for aging family members: implications and resources for family practitioners Abstract: The caregiving role is often bestowed on an adult child by default and can be distressing to the family system.Precautions need to be taken to protect adult child caregivers from role overload as they become sandwiched between caring for an older parent and helping their own children launch into adulthood.The following are some tips to help primary caregivers cope: Communicate with other caregivers.

Beverly O' Brien, also of Norman, Okla., is testing the gear and says it enables her to see and talk with her 87-year-old mother, make sure she's taking her medication and watch for signs she needs help.I am looking for stories or studies of how online family networks have been (or can be) used in the care of aging parents--e.g., how adult children can use e-mail to coordinate an aging parent's care when many or all of the adult children live far away.I would like case studies of how such networks operate, personal stories by those involved in about such networks, or studies that look at such networks.Researching your question I expected to find other examples of similar use of online resources but I came up empty. I also found that there is lots of information to help you find geriatric care managers or case/care managers if you can? Looking for resources on technologies in caregiving I came across some interesting projects and products to help the elderly stay in their own homes and to assist their loved ones and/or caregivers monitor their status on an ongoing basis.

These technologies for smart homes might become important in the future if these products achieve wide adoption.

This manuscript will describe some of the positive and negative aspects of caregiving.

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